Green Party of Maricopa County - Leadership 2017

 We are new and seasoned Green Party members, many of whom were activated during the Stein/Baraka 2016 campaign and seek to bring our experience, enthusiasm and talents to help build a third progressive voice and choice for the people of Maricopa County. Our goal is to build the Green Party through voter registration and coalition building campaigns and running candidates who are aligned with our ten key values. We will organize a dynamic social media and web presence, and work for democratic initiatives such as Ranked Choice Voting and obtaining permanent ballot status for the Green Party. #greenjobs #waterislife #livegreen  #votegreen




Melodi Brown is the Chairperson of the Green Party of Maricopa County. She is a registered nurse who has devoted her career to improving patient health. She received her BSN from the U at Buffalo and Masters degree from UCLA. Melodi moved to Phoenix in 2011 to live closer to her son who is a Sun Devil alum.

Melodi has been an activist since her teens. She worked for prison reform (Attica), freedom for political prisoners (Wilmington 10), against apartheid, for animal rights, (started a dog rescue) for community policing, for peace and helped organize the first Univ of Calif. nurses’ union. Melodi remained active in LA while raising her family and supported third parties.

In Phoenix, she initially helped organize a chapter and worked on the recall of Sheriff Arpaio. Most recently, she was a member of the core team for the AZ Sanders campaign and Dem-exited in 2016. After that, she helped organize Phoenix People Demanding Action and worked as the volunteer co-director for central and No. Az for Stein/Baraka. Melodi wants to help empower Green party members and friends in the political process to fight for social, economic and racial justice. 




Carl Parrish is the Vice Chairperson of the Green Party of Maricopa County and leads its technology strategy. Carl is an engineer and entrepreneur. He started his first Arizona-based corporation in 1999 and has been creating new businesses ever since. He studied Computer Systems Engineering at Arizona State University and served as an intern for Speaker of the House Tom Foley in 1991.

Today Carl is active with Dazzle Africa a non-profit promoting sustainability in Africa and is the Arizona State Chapter leader for Represent.US, a national organization committed to ending government corruption. Carl is a Vegan with a community garden and promotes permaculture and technical education as a means to finding solutions to many of our world's problems.



Joan Powers is the Vice Chairperson of the Green Party of Maricopa County. Joan and her husband are third-generation Arizonans. They have two adult children. She is retired from the retail software systems industry where she worked as a Senior Product Director.

After retiring from the software industry, Joan became a Hospice of the Valley volunteer from 2006-2007. Her social activism began through her love of animals and commitment to animal welfare, championing the importance of food sovereignty, the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and taking a stand against animal injustices through protests at Ringling Brothers circuses, Walmart, and the Scottsdale Dolphinarium. During the spring of 2014, Joan was an integral volunteer for the Right To Know campaign, collecting over 550 signatures for the Mandatory GM Labeling ballot initiative.

Joan became politically active at the onset of the Bernie Sanders campaign and Dem-exited when his campaign ended. After that, she worked as the Volunteer Co-Director for Central and Northern Arizona campaign for Stein/Baraka. Joan feels that the Green Party platform aligns most closely to her belief system and wants to help advance local Green Party initiatives and candidates. Joan is deeply involved with voter justice and election integrity issues.


    Suzanne Distaso is the Secretary for the Green Party of Maricopa County.  Suzy is a resident of Chandler recently left the Democratic Party after working for Bernie Sanders and believes that breaking from the two party duopoly is the best way to transform our country for the greater good.  Before moving to Arizona, she was active in the California Democratic Party and served on the state executive board and was nominee for the State Senate. She was also active in Health Care for All California and was a member of the Torrance Library Commission.